LS-DYNA® Demonstration License

Simulating Complex Real World Problems With LS-DYNA® - Robust Transient Dynamic Finite Element Program.

LS-DYNA® is not limited to any particular type of simulation. In a given simulation any of LS-DYNA's many features can be combined to model a wide range of physical events.

The no-fee demo period includes technical support for commercial demo's for first time users.  Educational demo's support is dependent on time.  The demo period includes, LSTC's LS-DYNA®,
LS-OPT® and LS-PrePost®, Implicit, Explicit, SMP, MPP, LSTC Dummy & Barrier Models.

After filling out the demo form, you will receive download instructions for the software. You will need to run the program and send the lstc.log file to receive the license key file that turns on LS-DYNA.